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I love


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I love


  • I’ve been a photographer for 7 years
  • I’ve been totally infatuated with my husband since the day I laid eyes on him in 2002. We are parents to our fur-baby Delilah.
  • Music is my heartbeat. My favorite color is pink (who knew!). I love antiques, nature, & Disney!
  • I’m a foodie. Imagine how much a mother loves her first born, that’s about how much I love sweet tea, Pho, and shrimp!
  • I love being on the water. I’ve cruised around the world and Brian and I kayak often. A dream of ours is to live on a sailboat!
  • Professional Nerd status. Sims, Super Mario Bros, C.O.D – Skipbo, Spoons, Uno – Ultimate Werewolf, Survive!, Deck Building!
  • Gypsy at heart – I’ve traveled to Israel, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain and more!