Hello there, I’m Jacqui!

I’m a wife to the most sensitive, smart, frugal, hard working, nerd I know. He makes every dream of mine come true and I couldn’t ask for more. We met at church in 2002 and have been inseperable ever since. We are parents to our fur-baby, Delilah who was born on my birthday the year we got married.

I’m an Aunt to 3 of the most precious girls and 3 of the most handsome boys.

I’m a dreamer. I’ve always had a wild imagination and ambition for great things. I have vivid dreams at night, day dream A LOT during the day, and have wild dreams I’ve been chasing for years.

  • 80
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I’m obsessed with The Office.

Michael Scott makes most sensible people cringe, but there are just some times when he is spot on about a feeling! Here's a video that shows just how I feel in certain situations!

Other things I’m obsessed with…