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March 18, 2016

Ashley and Bart had a Beauty and the Beast themed reception that was incorporated with amazing dueling pianists that made every music lovers dreams come true. The favors were a hand picked wedding playlist on a CD made to look like a record. It was a blast photographing their wedding at Streamsong Resort in Fort Meade.


Harris Wedding-001

Harris Wedding-003

Harris Wedding-004

Harris Wedding-007

Harris Wedding-024

Harris Wedding-032

Harris Wedding-038

Harris Wedding-049

Harris Wedding-055

Harris Wedding-065

Harris Wedding-070

Harris Wedding-075

Harris Wedding-076

Harris Wedding-080

Harris Wedding-083

Harris Wedding-086

Harris Wedding-092

Harris Wedding-098

Harris Wedding-106

Harris Wedding-109

Harris Wedding-111

Harris Wedding-112

Harris Wedding-115

Harris Wedding-122

Harris Wedding-127

Harris Wedding-139

Harris Wedding-144

Harris Wedding-152

Harris Wedding-157

Harris Wedding-168

Harris Wedding-180

Harris Wedding-181

Harris Wedding-184

Harris Wedding-200

Harris Wedding-201

Harris Wedding-211

Harris Wedding-217

Harris Wedding-221

Harris Wedding-224

Harris Wedding-225

Harris Wedding-226

Harris Wedding-227

Harris Wedding-233

Harris Wedding-234

Harris Wedding-253

Harris Wedding-255

Harris Wedding-264

Harris Wedding-268

Harris Wedding-279
Harris Wedding-292
Harris Wedding-301

Harris Wedding-304
Harris Wedding-312

Harris Wedding-321

Harris Wedding-322

Harris Wedding-325

Harris Wedding-330

Harris Wedding-332

Harris Wedding-350

Harris Wedding-355

Harris Wedding-356

Harris Wedding-362

Harris Wedding-363

Harris Wedding-366

Harris Wedding-368

Harris Wedding-376

Harris Wedding-382

Harris Wedding-384

Harris Wedding-389

Harris Wedding-391

Harris Wedding-395

Harris Wedding-402

Harris Wedding-404 Harris Wedding-405

Harris Wedding-411

Harris Wedding-412

Harris Wedding-423

Harris Wedding-425

Harris Wedding-443

Harris Wedding-454

Harris Wedding-462

Harris Wedding-465

Harris Wedding-478

Harris Wedding-482

Harris Wedding-484

Harris Wedding-491

Harris Wedding-493

Harris Wedding-498

Harris Wedding-507

Harris Wedding-519

Harris Wedding-520

Harris Wedding-525


Harris Wedding-541

Harris Wedding-545

Harris Wedding-551

Harris Wedding-561

Harris Wedding-588

Harris Wedding-623

Harris Wedding-670

Harris Wedding-679

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