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March 18, 2016

Ashley and Bart had a Beauty and the Beast themed reception that was incorporated with amazing dueling pianists that made every music lovers dreams come true. The favors were a hand picked wedding playlist on a CD made to look like a record. It was a blast photographing their wedding at Streamsong Resort in Fort Meade.


Harris Wedding-001

Harris Wedding-003

Harris Wedding-004

Harris Wedding-007

Harris Wedding-024

Harris Wedding-032

Harris Wedding-038

Harris Wedding-049

Harris Wedding-055

Harris Wedding-065

Harris Wedding-070

Harris Wedding-075

Harris Wedding-076

Harris Wedding-080

Harris Wedding-083

Harris Wedding-086

Harris Wedding-092

Harris Wedding-098

Harris Wedding-106

Harris Wedding-109

Harris Wedding-111

Harris Wedding-112

Harris Wedding-115

Harris Wedding-122

Harris Wedding-127

Harris Wedding-139

Harris Wedding-144

Harris Wedding-152

Harris Wedding-157

Harris Wedding-168

Harris Wedding-180

Harris Wedding-181

Harris Wedding-184

Harris Wedding-200

Harris Wedding-201

Harris Wedding-211

Harris Wedding-217

Harris Wedding-221

Harris Wedding-224

Harris Wedding-225

Harris Wedding-226

Harris Wedding-227

Harris Wedding-233

Harris Wedding-234

Harris Wedding-253

Harris Wedding-255

Harris Wedding-264

Harris Wedding-268

Harris Wedding-279
Harris Wedding-292
Harris Wedding-301

Harris Wedding-304
Harris Wedding-312

Harris Wedding-321

Harris Wedding-322

Harris Wedding-325

Harris Wedding-330

Harris Wedding-332

Harris Wedding-350

Harris Wedding-355

Harris Wedding-356

Harris Wedding-362

Harris Wedding-363

Harris Wedding-366

Harris Wedding-368

Harris Wedding-376

Harris Wedding-382

Harris Wedding-384

Harris Wedding-389

Harris Wedding-391

Harris Wedding-395

Harris Wedding-402

Harris Wedding-404 Harris Wedding-405

Harris Wedding-411

Harris Wedding-412

Harris Wedding-423

Harris Wedding-425

Harris Wedding-443

Harris Wedding-454

Harris Wedding-462

Harris Wedding-465

Harris Wedding-478

Harris Wedding-482

Harris Wedding-484

Harris Wedding-491

Harris Wedding-493

Harris Wedding-498

Harris Wedding-507

Harris Wedding-519

Harris Wedding-520

Harris Wedding-525


Harris Wedding-541

Harris Wedding-545

Harris Wedding-551

Harris Wedding-561

Harris Wedding-588

Harris Wedding-623

Harris Wedding-670

Harris Wedding-679

April 29, 2015

Garibaldi Maternity01

Garibaldi Maternity05

Garibaldi Maternity07

Garibaldi Maternity08

Garibaldi Maternity09

Garibaldi Maternity13

Garibaldi Maternity14

Garibaldi Maternity16

Garibaldi Maternity19

Garibaldi Maternity21

Garibaldi Maternity28

Garibaldi Maternity35

Garibaldi Maternity38

Garibaldi Maternity39

Garibaldi Maternity41

May 29, 2014

Osteen-Becker Wedding-10

Osteen-Becker Wedding-15

Osteen-Becker Wedding-37

Osteen-Becker Wedding-42

Osteen-Becker Wedding-47

Osteen-Becker Wedding-52

Osteen-Becker Wedding-54

Osteen-Becker Wedding-55

Osteen-Becker Wedding-57

Osteen-Becker Wedding-60

Osteen-Becker Wedding-65

Osteen-Becker Wedding-66

Osteen-Becker Wedding-68

Osteen-Becker Wedding-79

Osteen-Becker Wedding-81

Osteen-Becker Wedding-94

Osteen-Becker Wedding-117

Osteen-Becker Wedding-118

Osteen-Becker Wedding-122

Osteen-Becker Wedding-123

Osteen-Becker Wedding-124

Osteen-Becker Wedding-137

Osteen-Becker Wedding-141

Osteen-Becker Wedding-157

Osteen-Becker Wedding-186

Osteen-Becker Wedding-188

Osteen-Becker Wedding-195

Osteen-Becker Wedding-198

Osteen-Becker Wedding-254

Osteen-Becker Wedding-259

Osteen-Becker Wedding-268

Osteen-Becker Wedding-276

Osteen-Becker Wedding-291

Osteen-Becker Wedding-293

Osteen-Becker Wedding-297
Osteen-Becker Wedding-302

Osteen-Becker Wedding-306

Osteen-Becker Wedding-309

Osteen-Becker Wedding-313a

Osteen-Becker Wedding-313b

Osteen-Becker Wedding-314

Osteen-Becker Wedding-330

Osteen-Becker Wedding-338

Osteen-Becker Wedding-347

Osteen-Becker Wedding-349

Osteen-Becker Wedding-351

Osteen-Becker Wedding-359

Osteen-Becker Wedding-361

Osteen-Becker Wedding-365

Osteen-Becker Wedding-366

Osteen-Becker Wedding-370

Osteen-Becker Wedding-372

Osteen-Becker Wedding-374

Osteen-Becker Wedding-377

Osteen-Becker Wedding-385

Osteen-Becker Wedding-405

Osteen-Becker Wedding-428

Osteen-Becker Wedding-433

Osteen-Becker Wedding-434

Osteen-Becker Wedding-436

Osteen-Becker Wedding-442

Osteen-Becker Wedding-455

Osteen-Becker Wedding-456

Osteen-Becker Wedding-457

Osteen-Becker Wedding-458

Osteen-Becker Wedding-462

Osteen-Becker Wedding-463 Osteen-Becker Wedding-466

Osteen-Becker Wedding-519

March 25, 2014

Amanda & Nathan engagement 01

Amanda & Nathan engagement 02

Amanda & Nathan engagement 03

Amanda & Nathan engagement 04

Amanda & Nathan engagement 05

Amanda & Nathan engagement 06

Amanda & Nathan engagement 07

Amanda & Nathan engagement 08

Amanda & Nathan engagement 09

Amanda & Nathan engagement 10

Amanda & Nathan engagement 11

Amanda & Nathan engagement 12

Amanda & Nathan engagement 13

Amanda & Nathan engagement 14

Amanda & Nathan engagement 15

Amanda & Nathan engagement 16

Amanda & Nathan engagement 17

Amanda & Nathan engagement 18

Amanda & Nathan engagement 19

Amanda & Nathan engagement 20

Amanda & Nathan engagement 21

Amanda & Nathan engagement 22

March 22, 2014

Erin & Chris05

Erin & Chris07

Erin & Chris08

Erin & Chris09

Erin & Chris11

Erin & Chris13

Erin & Chris16

Erin & Chris21

Erin & Chris25

Erin & Chris31

Erin & Chris33


Erin & Chris37

Erin & Chris42

Erin & Chris46

Erin & Chris48

March 2, 2014

Avery Bridal

Avery Bridal-2

Avery Bridal-5

Avery Bridal-7

Avery Bridal-9

Avery Bridal-14

Avery Bridal-24

Avery Bridal-29

Avery Bridal-36

Avery Bridal-44

Avery Bridal-46

December 20, 2013

Jericha & Robert had their engagement session at home, where Robert proposed. This allowed them to bring in their fur baby for a few family shots. Jericha&Robert-3














October 19, 2013

Gabriella & Kyle got married at a private mansion in Mountain Lake Estates, Lake Wales. The family that owned the property built a huge play house for their children that is the size of an actual house. The bridal party had fun playing on the grounds and every piece of the day was perfect. Bok Tower was a stone’s throw away and the property was just gorgeous.

Maloof Wedding003

Maloof Wedding004

Maloof Wedding006

Maloof Wedding008

Maloof Wedding010

Maloof Wedding011

Maloof Wedding013

Maloof Wedding014

Maloof Wedding018

Maloof Wedding020

Maloof Wedding023

Maloof Wedding025

Maloof Wedding026

Maloof Wedding027

Maloof Wedding032

Maloof Wedding035

Maloof Wedding038

Maloof Wedding039

Maloof Wedding040

Maloof Wedding052

Maloof Wedding055

Maloof Wedding056

Maloof Wedding065

Maloof Wedding066

Maloof Wedding068

Maloof Wedding070

Maloof Wedding084

Maloof Wedding077

Maloof Wedding079

Maloof Wedding074

Maloof Wedding082

Maloof Wedding083

Maloof Wedding085

Maloof Wedding186

Maloof Wedding091

Maloof Wedding093

Maloof Wedding095

Maloof Wedding097

Maloof Wedding102

Maloof Wedding110

Maloof Wedding117

Maloof Wedding122

Maloof Wedding123

Maloof Wedding128

Maloof Wedding132

Maloof Wedding141

Maloof Wedding142

Maloof Wedding157

Maloof Wedding158

Maloof Wedding159

Maloof Wedding171

Maloof Wedding174

Maloof Wedding210

Maloof Wedding212

Maloof Wedding213


Maloof Wedding219

Maloof Wedding220

Maloof Wedding223

Maloof Wedding226

Maloof Wedding235

Maloof Wedding239

Maloof Wedding242

Maloof Wedding247

Maloof Wedding251

Maloof Wedding252

Maloof Wedding255

Maloof Wedding259

Maloof Wedding262

Maloof Wedding265

Maloof Wedding268

Maloof Wedding273

Maloof Wedding274

Maloof Wedding277

Maloof Wedding280

Maloof Wedding285

Maloof Wedding292

Maloof Wedding294

Maloof Wedding296

Maloof Wedding300






Maloof Wedding308

Maloof Wedding307

Maloof Wedding303

Maloof Wedding302

Maloof Wedding320

Maloof Wedding323

Maloof Wedding333

Maloof Wedding335

Maloof Wedding338



July 20, 2013

Amarillis & Juan held the ceremony at their church and then celebrated with a reception at Gaylord Palms, Orlando. Amarilis & Juan-25

Amarilis & Juan-29

Amarilis & Juan-37

Amarilis & Juan-54

Amarilis & Juan-67

Amarilis & Juan-109

Amarilis & Juan-111

Amarilis & Juan-115

Amarilis & Juan-118

Amarilis & Juan-122

Amarilis & Juan-126

Amarilis & Juan-129

Amarilis & Juan-130

Amarilis & Juan-142

Amarilis & Juan-145

Amarilis & Juan-156

Amarilis & Juan-161

Amarilis & Juan-168

March 23, 2013

Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session

Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session



Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session

Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session

Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session

Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session

Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session

Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session

Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session

Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session

Boca Raton Beach Engagement Session